Jumper T16 Pro (needs two 18650 batteries)

Jumper T8SG Lite Multi-Protocol 12CH (not recommended, get a T16)


FXT Viper (removable panel with head-mount)

Scout (compact box, powered by single included 18650)

Fat Shark Dominator HDO 2 FPV Goggles & TBS Fusion Video Receiver Combo (not tested yet)

Battery Chargers

iSDT D2 Smart Balance Charger (dual XT60)

Team BlackSheep TBS Micro Battery Charger V2 (For 1S batteries)


EreaDrone (start here)
FrSky Compact XSR-SIM USB Dongle (use your real TX with the sim)


Beta65S BNF Micro Whoop Quadcopter (indoors, fly it 24/7, brushed motors are weak but you can fly this class of quad inside any room)